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Customs services and logistic steps in transport

Without customs documentation, good customs brokerage and logistic steps, there is no good transport.

Our Meremill team provides transport solutions, planning, necessary procedures and documentation.

Do not delegate parts of your customs clearance to different companies. Simplify your process, working exclusively with us, from beginning to end. With our experienced customs experts, we help you define your needs and stay focused on finding opportunities for minimizing costs and risks.

At the same time, we help you to comply with existing Government regulations and be ready to change regulations and laws. We are your guide to customs procedures of the European Union and other countries on all continents.

Advantages of our Customs Service:

Compliance assistance
Tariff codes that will help you pay the appropriate duty rates
Compliance consultations
Customs brokerage / permits / submission of declarations / insurance / preliminary checks / entry into the bonded warehouse / control and inspection of the shipments
ATA carnets
Our logistic services include:

Customs broker services / mediation in customs procedures and obtaining the necessary documentation and specific permits
Storage, distribution and inventory management

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