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Welcome to MEREMILL

Meremill is known as one of the leading Importers and Exporters of salmon by-products, frozen fish and seafood, serving the Worldwide.

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Reliable Service

We believe that the value of our products is only as good as the service we provide. We take great pride in our work, and encourage our clients to give us feedback so that we may constantly improve ourselves.

Direct import from origin

With long of experience in the import industry, we import top quality salmon by-products from around the world. With linear integration, we organize customs clearance, food safety inspection, low temperature distribution. It is not only cost saving, but more importantly we can have assuring quality.

Superb Supplies Experience

With supplies ranging from Norway, Scotland, Faroe, Germany, France, Danmark, Lithuania, Poland. Meremill can provide its customers almost any variety of frozen salmon by-products in the world.

Competitive prices

Meremill has established a large client network which allows for the advantages that can come from economies of scale. Great deals on bulk purchases translate into lower overall costs and therefore more competitive prices on superior quality products for your business.



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